Friday, September 21, 2007

ikebana lesson 9/21/2007 (water, glass container)

The advantage of using glass containers is to be able to show materials in water and out. Eileen did the first one, part of the croton leave is in water. See the difference of color.

It's the beginning of the season for Chinese lantern. Got two loose ones. I thought put them in water would be fun.

ikebana lesson 9/21/2007

Same materials, different arrangements.
(1) Eileen: free style. Bamboo place mats are used to create a country village image. Falll is coming. Notice the strong diagnol line.
(2) Wei: No. 2 Variation, slanting.
(3) Donna: No. 3 Variation, slanting/horizontal.
Pay attention to Hikae's placement. In No. 2 Variation, Hikae is placed behind, with 15 degrees off center. In No. 3 Variation, Hikae is placed front, with 75 degree off the center, or 15 degree above the horizontal surface. (Too much technical comments.)

Friday, September 14, 2007

ikebana lesson 9/14/2007 (free style)

Eileen (1, 2)
Ping (3)

ikebana lesson 9/14/2007

Donna (1), 3rd variation, upright, moribana

Keeyen (2), 2nd variation, slanting, nageire

Weiping (3), 2nd variation, upright, nageire

Katie (4), basic upright, moribana

Jingmei (5), basic upright, moribana

Friday, September 7, 2007

Ikebana lesson 9/07/2007

Three free style arrangements, done by Donna, Eileen and Ping