Sunday, August 29, 2010

ikebana lesson, 8/28/2010

(1), (2) Sandy, fruit bearing branches

(3), (4) Maya, No. 8 variations

(5) Kelly, consider the color of the container

(6) Jung lee, free style

(7) Serena, free style

(8) Jacque, No. 1 variation

Friday, August 27, 2010

ikebana lesson, 8/27/2010

After a month's break, it's good to be back in ikebana classroom. When I was in Europe, whenever I walked pass a flower shop, I would stop by and take in the smell of flowers. I missed ikebana a lot. I love flowers, I love the creative process (sogetsu) ikebana bring to us.

(1) Janelle, free style

(2) Thomas, No 2 slanting

(3) Courtney, basic slanting