Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ikebana lessons 10/22/2009

(1), (2) Sandy. The first picture shows the shin as the magnolia branch pointing upward. Chinese berries naturally drops as a counter balancing element. When the shin was removed, the dynamic in the arrangement changed. The whole arrangement becomes an horizontal/hanging style. Chinese berries evolve from jushi of Shin in picture (1) to shin itself in picture (2). This is a typical example in ikebana that a small change in composition can make a drastic change in total effect. Pay attention to such changes.

(3) Momoe (4) Janelle
Again, same materials, different arrangements.

(5) Wei. One material (magnolia)

(6) Sandy. Intertwine, queen palm leaves, bouganvilla, iron stand

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ikebana lessons 10/16/2009

Bittersweet, Pumpkin tree

(1) Janelle

(2) Yuko

(3) Momoe

(4) Wei

(5), (6) Sandy

Friday, October 9, 2009

Ikebana lessons 10/09/2009

(1) Linda, No. 2 slanting nageire

(2) Momoe, No. 4 upright nageire

Friday, October 2, 2009

Ikebana lessons 10/02/2009

New material: Nigella pods (1), (2).

(3), (4) Eileen
Make arrangements with one kind of material is difficult. With the new material Nigella pods, it seemed impossible to make an interesting arrangement. Recognizing Eileen's reluctant, I let her use another material, millet. So, her focus was shifted to strong dark purple millet, and the arrangement was upright. She also used 3 containers, a good attempt. (Photo 4)
I thought the lower part is more interesting. Removing the top part and millet, it changed to a horizontal arrangement with one material only. (Photo 3)
Nothing is impossible.

(5) Wei

(6) Sandy

(7) Momoe