Friday, December 7, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

This is our last lesson of the year. I'm leaving for Tokyo tomorrow. I'll study Ikebana at Sogetsu Kaikan, two teacher's workshops, and two Iemoto's classes. After Tokyo, I'll go to China to spend two weeks with my family. Classes will resume in the new Year. (Jan.4 (Friday), 2008)

Today's theme is Christmas and New Year. I chose to use Juniper, Pine, heather, and mums.

(1) Mary: Lovely arrangement, the arrangement shows movement.

(2) Donna C.: Two tier container. To have a successful arrangement, unifying the top and bottom is the key.

(3) Donna S.: Excellent arrangement. Color, Mass.

(4) Eileen: Also a very successful arrangement, use the opening of the container to have one branch coming out horizontally, as if on the cliff.

(5) Weiping: Joyful arrangement.

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