Friday, June 13, 2008

ikebana lesson 06/13/2008

(1) Momoe, No.1 Variation, upright, moribana

(2), (3) Coni: No.2 Variation, slanting

(4) Donna: Arrangement with two containers (Ka-Bu-Wa Ke)


Venkatesh said...

Hi Ping
Your Blog is really wonderful. It is helpful for beginner students of Sogetsu Ikebana like me. Your study of free style is really brilliant. The pics of the Sogetsu HQ are nice. It is like pics of paradise for an Ikebana enthusiast. I regularly visit your blog, but often due to shortage of time, I dont write comments, though I want to write. Your collection of vases/containers are impressive. Keep up the good work.

Venkatesh, Tuticorin
Tamilnadu State, South India

Ping Wei said...

Thank you for your comment and encouragement.