Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sonora Study Group meeting/workshop

September 21 (Sunday)

Theme: (1) Basic slanting; (2) Vertical arrangement

I demonstrated a basic slanting arrangement. Retta demonstrated a vertical arrangement.

Not every upright arrangement is a vertical arrangement. Proportion, proportion, proportion. There are no rules as how to arrange vertically. Right after kakei study (book 1 and 2), students are urged to break the rules associated to the length of shin, soe, and hikae. But don't forget about the overall achievement of the arrangement. A vertical arrangement is to elongate the line in vertical direction. The size of the vase and the length of lines have to come to agree with the overall effects. If you have a large vase, and don't have long lines, you just won't be able to accomplish the vertical arrangement. Here are two examples.

Eileen had a relatively large vase. She first tried to arrange the vertical composition without the long bamboo line. It didn't work. By adding the bamboo line, and lowering the teddy bear sunflowers, the arrangement was lovely.

Yuko had a square vase, pretty large. She also tried to arrange sago palms vertically. It didn't work either. She could not find long lines, therefore, she changed to No. 1 variation slanting.

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