Monday, November 17, 2008

Wedding Ikebana at Japanese Friendship Garden

Japanese Friendship Garden is such a nice place right in the downtown Phoenix. The tranquility and serenity of the atmosphere let you forget about the busy city life. I was asked to do some ikebana arrangements for a wedding reception. One for guest sign-in book table, one for buffet table, one for ceremony table, and one for the tea house. I chose a traditional bamboo basket, and use the bittersweet vine for the first one. On the buffet table, the arrangement had to go vertically. I chose kiwi vine for the arrangement. For the ceremony table, I wanted to do a big arrangement, I used two pieces of grape vine to form the frame, and filled in flower materials. Even though it's fall season, unfortunately, we in Phoenix don't have color of fall. The Garden is still very green. The color I introduced through Ikebana stood out nicely. In the tea room, I also chose the warm fall color, using "Matsezashi" style. It was a nice fit.

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