Sunday, January 18, 2009

ikebana study

(1) Palm spathes (dry), bougainvillea, and dry willow grass.
Every year, palm trees have to been trimmed. I found those stems were interesting, and saved a few for later use. The container I used in this arrangement was inspired by Kimei Yasuhara. But it's such a strong container, it requires some strong, unique materials. It's really fun to make this arrangement. I actually tried a few times, took pictures, and this was the one I liked based on the outcome of the photo. Sometimes, it's difficult to decide which arrangement I like the most, without input of other fine ikebana artists' critic. Photo is the way to do self critic.

(2) & (3) eucalyptus, carnations.
This container was inspired by Suzuki Osamu. I like its geometric shape. Again, it's a very unique and strong container. This is the first time I try. I want to try to use it more in the future. It's not that difficult to use, surprisingly.

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