Monday, March 2, 2009

Advanced Ikebana Workshop

Theme: Dried, bleached, or colored materials

(1) Ping: my quick study; silver colored branches (unknown material) and oncidium.
This is a simple arrangement. I try not to mix colors, nor to mix dry and fresh materials. Instead, show the contrast of color and texture of the materials.

(2) Eileen: dried bush branch (unknown bush), bird of paradise and leaves. Well balanced arrangement. The up side down placement of the dried branch form the character of the arrangement. She broke (purposefully) one leave to accentuate the line and provide the depth of the arrangement (soe).

(3) Yuko: dried kiwi vine, NZ flax leave, and protea. This arrangement worked in the way of slight weaving of NZ flax leave, which form the loop coming out of the container. Pin-cushion protea were framed in the loop. Kiwi vine provided lines to accentuate the curve loop.

(4) Coni: mitsumata, protea, and eucalyptus seed pods. It's better not to place the dried materials in water, especially for mitsumata. (It will grow mold and turn the white branch into black if leave the mitsumata in water for a long time.) The movement of the arrangement is horizontal. Proteas are placed low to accommodate the movement direction.

(5) Elsa: colored party sticks, NZ flax leaves, and oncidium. It's a difficult arrangement. Sticks provide so many lines. The key is to confine them in the main direction. Here, oncidium also define the direction, which pull the sticks together in a magic way. Don't leave oncidiums scattered everywhere. Grouping them together is more effective.

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