Friday, September 25, 2009

Ikebana lessons 09/25/2009

(1), (2) Eileen and Yuko, Vines (book 4, lesson 6)

Book 4 themes are material and space. It's definitely a level above book 3, which themes are composition and line, color and mass. Simply, book 3 gives foundation for book 4. Today's lesson is the perfect example. How to arrange vines? There's no definitive way. It's free style. But where do you draw inspiration, or creative idea? Simple answer is book 3.

Eileen chose a pyramid shaped container. She originally wanted to arrange upright, which could be a good arrangement. But I challenged her to arrange side way. The end result also fit in the theme of book 3, lesson 2--horizontal arrangement.

Yuko chose a tall vase with a hole in the middle. She originally wanted to arrange in slanting way. I suggest she should take the shape of the container into consideration (book 3, lesson 11). She then created the upright arrangement with one vine passing through the hole.

(3) Wei, branches only

(4) Janelle, No. 2 variation upright nageire

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