Saturday, March 24, 2012

ikebana lesson, 3/24/2012

(1) Nan (free style)

(2) Serena (Show the surface of the leaves)

(3) Wanda (free style)

(4) Hua Jung (intertwine)

(5) Linda (vertical lines)

(6) Pam (No. 6 variation nageire)

(7) Mary (free style, similar color tone)

(8) Meredith (No. 2 slanting)

(9), (12) Drinda (free style)

(10), (11) Maya (free style, two or more containers/dry materials)

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Shaile's Edible Art said...

just lovely.. thanks for sharing. I am a sugar artist and make flowers from sugarpaste. I just started arranging them ikibana style. I look all over for ideas since it is brand new to me the art of ikibana. i haven't posted any yet on my blog, but will be as soon as I complete a couple of them.