Friday, March 23, 2007

ikebana lesson 3/23/2007

Today's lesson plan:
Eileen--Free style, sketching-arranging-sketching. Material: (1) Sago palm, lily; (2) Honeu suckle branch, lily, winter berry.
When materials are gethered and container is selected, study them by drawing the arrangement on paper, then arrange them in the way you are intended, it may be different from the drawing, but it's OK. After finish the arrangement, draw again.
I use this technique every time I do a free style arrangement. When I prepare for demonstration, I gather materials and draw. I usually don't do a real arrangment in preparation stage. That's why drawings are so important. They are guiidelines for my demonstration, Without them, demonstration is impossible.
Donna and Linda--Basic slanting, moribana. Material: Sago palm, lily.
Harumi--basic upright, moribana. Material: creosote, mum.

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