Thursday, March 8, 2007

Phoenix Art Museum Arts and Flowers

I participated again in this years Arts & Flowers exhibition at Phoenix Art Museum. Floral designers chose the art works they were interested in, and try to intepret with flowers. I chose two pieces of art works. One is Turbull's sculpture, displayed in Modern Art Gallery. The other one is Thai Buddha torso in Asian Art Gallery.
My floral design is not to intepret the art work, rather inspired by them. So, to accompany Turbull's sculpture, I used my own black ceramic vase, with two queen palm seed pods sprayed with black paint to form an interesting structure, or sculpture if you prefer. Then I used horse tail, and protea to have a touch of Ikebana expression. (Ikebana uses fresh materials.)
For Thai Buddha's torso, my idea was to offer flowers and pay respect. (Otherwise, how would you intepret it.)

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